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Anyone who gets an artist to sign up will get a gratuity themselves. These have to be real artists though who are out there playing real gigs, so don't bother spamming the system with fake referrals.

The way it works is this:

1. Open up the ShowMaster app and in the menu on the left side click "Refer & Earn"

2. The share link that is populated can be sent via text or email - choose anyone you like and even better share with all the musicians you know and love!

3. As long as that musician downloads the app via your link, you will be tagged as their referral source.

4. Once that artist has reached $1,000 in total tips/requests, you will have $50 credited to your account.

5. Make sure to fill in your direct deposit info ("Earnings" button in the app menu) so we can get those bucks to you ASAP!

Not only will this give you the potential to make some extra cash, but will allow the app to grow quickly and become more widely recognized across the country. So make sure to share with everyone you can think of!

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