What is the meaning of life?

MUSIC! Damn GOOD music!

As a FAN, how does this TIP thing work?

Once you have selected your method of payment, you may send tips and requests to artists. Your account will be pre-approved for a small amount. At the end of the evening your total tips will be charged to your account with one transaction.

As an ARTIST how does this TIP thing work?

Get registered in the Showmaster system. Enter your shows so FANS can find you. Enter your direct deposit info for where your money will be deposited. Play your heart out and ROCK THE HOUSE! Your rewards will be deposited at the end of the week. We have to reconcile everything, make sure it is all good, and pay a few bills. You will receive 80% of the total tips earned at your events.

I love your app! How can I help it GROW?

We have set up an excellent referral system that will allow ALL users to make a few extra bucks. It goes like this: open up the menu on the left side of the app and click "Refer and Earn". This will allow you to share a link to the app either via email, text message, or whatever other method you like. This link is unique to you, and anyone that uses it will be tagged as a referral from you! If you refer any artists or bands that make money through the ShowMaster app, you will earn $50 once they have reached the $1,000 threshold! So get to referring, especially all the musicians you love!

I'm having trouble with the app, PLEASE HELP!

Hey, we get it, not everyone is a technological wizard. We're a small company and we love our customers so we'd be happy to help you out. Simply drop us a line. If you do call, there's a good chance you'll have to leave a voicemail, but rest assured we'll call you back!

I don't see my question here...

Shoot us an email -

I don't see any events in my area...?

Here's your opportunity! Use the "Refer & Earn" link to recommend local acts to our app! You have the potential to earn $50 for each band you refer, so get to sharing! We'd eventually like to have EVERY live event populated within the app, but it is up to the artists and bands to get that information in, so as we grow more and more events will become available.

I own or operate a venue - what can I do to promote our live entertainment?

The best part about ShowMaster is free promotion! At the current time, artists/bands are the only ones that can add live events, so make sure to let any acts performing at your venue know that you'd like them to use ShowMaster! It's free advertising for both of you, so you may as well! In the future we plan to explore the ability to manage schedules and profiles as a venue, so stay tuned for that sometime down the road!

I have entered my future shows, but they don't show up on the map.

In an effort to control map clutter, the map will only show events that are occuring in the next 24 HOURS.

I have an idea for you! Who do I email?

We can't wait to hear your idea! We have tried to think of everything, but... Email great ideas here>>>>>

As an Artist, I have a set list and do not wish to take song requests. Now what?

We are working on an option to be able to select "take requests" or "don't take requests" for a future build. In the meantime, just let your audience know that you will get to their requests at another time. (or something suitably polite...)

I have an Android phone and I do not see your app in Google Play.

Not to be biased, but we are Apple people. We do not intend to leave out the Android folks, but we are focused on the Apple build first. We WILL build it for Android users soon, but it may be a couple months. We want to get this thing running as smooth as possible right now. Then hopefully the Android addition will be smooth too. It is not that easy, BTW. Someone said it like this... If you have a gas truck and you want it to run diesel, you can't just flip a switch. You gotta go get another truck. That pretty well sums it up.

I really dont want to input all my financial info yet.

You don't have to. If you get tips, they will accrue under your name until you tell us where to send it. You can always just open a seperate account just for ShowMaster. No risk there. Right now, the most efficient way for us to transfer your money to you is through the bank. Other ways take more fees.

Will I receive a 1099 for tips received?

From the IRS page: Further, if you accept payments from a third party settlement organization, you should receive a Form 1099-K only if: the total number of your transactions exceeds 200 AND the aggregate value exceeds $20,000 in a calendar year.

Please ask all the questions you like!  If you hit on a good one, maybe you will get published here!